How we can

help you 


By understanding our clients needs, our experienced team analyses your spend data in order to deliver the most economical solution through our SimPPLY cost modelling. 

Cost Modelling


With over A$340B of spend data and our experiences Savings Identifications of 7% to 15% of your spend can be found, with a method to have all to the bottom line.

Savings Analysis


Many sources of data and some in poor condition? We know how to assess, cleanse and deliver reliable data through our SimPPLY advanced analytics capability. 

Expenditure Data Cleansing


Procurement Balanced Dashboards and Operational reporting that are easy to understand and action plus - outputs that allow users to complete tasks effortlessly, systematically and efficiently. 

Operational Reporting

Procurement Transformation Roadmaps, linked to Maturity Assessments to achieve the overall strategic, operational and financial goals. With resources to implement with agility and quality as the outcomes.

Procurement Transformation


Leadership & Mentoring to develop a team of people to perform as effective Business Partners to accomplish needed tasks and achieve common business goals. 

Team Management


We can guide or manage the most complex tenders with world class processes to find the best value outcomes. Let us run your tender process and manage your business case.

Tender and Business Case Management


Dashboards and Information to inform the business of missed opportunities and compliance. All to see where your organisation is buying and items that are outside contracted suppliers.

Compliance Reporting