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The DigiProc global platform is a new part of the SimPPLY partner setup and is based on an AI engine that negotiates in real-time and simultaneously with all suppliers.

Cybersecurity is a real global issue for all – our partner CyberMetrix is a team of industry experts that develop innovative solutions to address critical issues like supplier cyber risk, and other unrecognised problems… that could penetrate your company.

Beroe is a global company - Reciprocal arrangement for market intelligence, Know Your Supplier (KYS) tech by Beroe. SimPPLY provides consulting services and Analytics & Opportunity diagnostic Services

Procurement Australia is a national company – with ready-made contracts which are available to all business entities in Australia and NZ.  SimPPLY provides consulting services, analytics, benchmarking & opportunity diagnostic  services

B2buy is a Business to Business (B2B) only online marketplace, connecting 1,000's of businesses that need to buy things to keep their business running, to pre-qualified suppliers wanting to sell to them. Allowing access to better pricing, increased visibility and control on who is spending and on what, more payment options, and simplifying the buying process, all in real-time.