About us

Our team is what sets us apart. Our experienced team provides us the advantage in delivering the best solution to our Client.

We challenge. We innovate. We collaborate.

We believe that challenging each other’s ideas is the best way to reach our full potential. We stay out of the ordinary to provide an unparalleled yet simplified procurement solution. Our team welcomes collaboration, communication and exchanging ideas.

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Meet The Team

Harry Banga

Managing Director 

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Harry is a founding member of SimPPLY and holds an Engineering and Law degree, is MCIPS certified and specialises in helping companies buy better. 


Richard Jacobs


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Richard is a founding member of SimPPLY and widely recognised for his procurement leadership. He is also well known for his hands on technical capability in the transformation frameworks and strategic sourcing work in the government and private sectors. 

Bruce Maltman


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Bruce is a recognised procurement and supply expert with extensive experience in transformation, strategy and delivery across a broad range of industries and significant public sector experience. 

Paul Menzies

Chair Advisory Board

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Paul has over 25 years of experience leading Strategic Sourcing, Supply Chain, and Logistic operational transformations within major Telco, Airline, and Industrial / Mining enterprises across Asia Pacific. he has a demonstrable record of producing sustainable benefits to organisations through the delivery of robust management consulting projects, including risk, change, and safety/security.


Julie Zhu

Senior Analyst

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Julie is an experienced Analytics professional with extensive experience across the public and private sectors. She is skilled in helping organisations identify business needs around data and information solutions through data sourcing and warehousing, data cleansing and categorisations, database architecture to interactive dashboards, and highly automated reporting systems. 

Geoff Wells

Director Advisory and 


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Geoff is our Director of Advisory & Consulting with over 25 years of Supply Chain & Procurement experience.

Geoff is passionate about change and relationships and has worked in NZ, USA and UK

Angus Stewart

Associate Director

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Angus is an accomplished and skilled Senior Business Development Executive with significant Enterprise Sales & Marketing, C-Suite Relationship Management and Stakeholder Engagement experience.


Clara Villaruel

Executive and Marketing


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Clara is the Executive and Marketing Assistant for SimPPLY. Working with government agencies in the past gave her a strong background in procurement management and provide high-level administrative support under the project management office. She assist partners and executives in data research and manages SimPPLY's social media, print materials, and digital content.  

Shawn Lee

Senior Manager

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Shawn is the Procurement Consultant for SimPPLY.  Shawn has over 10 years' commercial experience in the private and public sectors across category management, supplier management, and sourcing. He is outcome-focused and process-driven to obtain the best value for the client.

Siddhi Auti


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Siddhi has 8 years of IT and Data Analytics experience and is currently pursuing her masters in Data Science and Innovation from UTS. She is assisting business development functions at SimPPLY. 

Adam Simek

Head Analytics

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Adam is the Head of Analytics for SimPPLY. With over 25 years broad experience in a number of cross functional and strategic positions, Adam has the ability to lead, influence and take ownership of projects and tasks across a broad range of products and services.