Welcome to SimPPLY

We simplify supply, working with organisations to challenge the status quo, realise ambitious goals, improve relevance and enable tangible outcomes that add bottom line value.

Why we do this?

Because we believe that supply management should be simple. We also believe those that understand this principle will be more successful than those that don’t.

We do what we do because we are passionate about procurement and know it makes a positive and sustainable difference to business success and society.

What we do?

We encourage businesses to question the process constraints and provoke traditional procurement thinking, thus allowing disruptive, innovative thinking to rise up.

Whether it’s the collection and interpretation of expenditure data, the identification of savings opportunities, the re-definition of a category strategy, a transformation of the procurement function or the delivery of a disruptive e-procurement platform, we identify business objectives and recommend appropriate delivery vehicles for them.

How we do what we do?

Everything we do is driven by challenging to get a better outcome: bold ideas that challenge and disrupt, redefine and revitalise procurement thinking. We generate, define and transform them into tangible and sustainable procurement solutions, using our considerable experience, commercial nous and unique approach.

Combining this with the raft of great hands on experience and challenger ideas we bring, together we can energise organisations procurement, align teams and build true cost management engagement.

Our Services


Our fully integrated range of services is tailored specifically to help deliver improved outcomes, extraordinary results and sustained growth to our customers.

It’s the simple, powerful essence of what we do: Disrupting and Thinking, Innovation and Strategy, Delivery and Outcomes, so uniting Business and Profit.


We enable organisations to identify spend habitats, develop the right spend schema, easily visualise all the data and interpret it!

Thus enabling data to drive effective and informed procurement decisions.

Procure to Pay

Technology is disrupting the world, yet business is not effectively embracing online buying in the business to business world.

We work with think and supporting think’s “Switch On” range of enterprise and SME P2P solutions – procurement is about to be disrupted for ever!

Advisory Services

The best way to predict your future is to create it.
- Abraham Lincoln

Enable Powerful Outcomes

SimPPLY exists as we believe procurement should be more innovative, effective and simple, while the future for procurement lies tightly entwined with technology, and those procurement teams that excel will be those that can create the optimal blend.


We design and deliver contemporary procurement solutions across: spend analytics; procurement transformation; category management; strategic sourcing; supply chain; and market leading procurement technology, with a challenger mentality – but without the overhead of large consulting houses.

“Hands On” Practitioners

We bring CPO experience to our customers, and our team are experienced ‘hands on’ practitioners who have lived the delivery of procurement services in both the public and private sectors and now deliver as consultants against SimPPLY’s disruptor method practice.

Outcome Focussed

We challenge yet support our clients with considered and collaborative engagement, to deliver simple supply structures that act as the means of change and drivers of future business growth, by drawing on our proven DNA to align business strategy, simplify the complex and ultimately deliver workable outcomes that define a more profitable enterprise.

Analytic Solutions

Without data, you're just another person with an opinion.
- W.Edwards Deming

Expenditure Cube

SimPPLY designs and builds your expenditure cube that collaborates all data sources (ERP, Credit Card, Managed Service providers or 3rd Party Software), that can expedite the process of data cleansing and can seamlessly adapt to a pre-defined category schema.

Analytics Bureau for Procurement

SimPPLY can support your procurement function in strategic planning, supplier benchmarking, vendor reporting and performance analysis.

Procurement Dashboards

SimPPLY delivers true insights with brilliant data visualisation. Everyone in your organization can then analyse the same numbers and rely on a single source of truth, bringing procurement, finance and operations to the same baseline.

Managed Service

Simpply satisfies your data categorisation and reporting needs for you, to ensure regular, consistent and high quality data, allowing your team to focus on more important things. Our monthly data refresh service, coupled with our dashboard empowers you to make better and faster decisions.

Procure to Pay

Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.
- Steve Jobs

What is Switch On

The think “Switch ON” platform is a purchase-to-pay process platform, providing full end to end P2P functionality incorporating: catalogues; requisitions; work flows; purchase orders; invoice matching; and payment.

For more information please visit www.thinkprocurement.com.

Improve Performance

With Switch On, all P2P transactions are captured in the one native platform, significantly reducing the cost to transact an invoice, while reducing many other costs associated with manual and disjointed automated accounts payable processes.

Reduce Cost

Research from multiple organisations suggest the cost to process an invoice ranges anywhere between $50 – $100+ - imagine the benefit to your organisation if this can be reduced to less than one tenth of this cost!


Delivered as a ‘true’ software as a service (SaaS), Switch On lowers the barriers to entry for customers, shifting the paradigm when it comes to implementation time and cost, as well as ongoing fee’s.

Meet the Team

We draw on our team’s collective experience across many diverse organisations, both public and private sector, giving us an innate and well-respected understanding of procurement globally.

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